Chief Mouser

Chief Mouser Cat Cattington I

Just as 10 Downing Street has a Chief Mouser, so does Cat Cattington I, henceforth referred to as “Catcat”, is a creature of mysterious origins. One rainy day, I opened the front door to receive a package. When the delivery man moved, I saw that a tiny, wet, shivering cat had been standing behind him. There was a bandage wrapped too tightly around her paw and it had swollen up to twice its normal size.


I gestured for her to come in, and she wasted no time in doing so. After a vet check, microchip scan (nothing), and extensive but fruitless search for her humans, she became my cat and chief mouser.

In her short time here, Catcat has proven herself to be a highly skilled mouser. Nary a mouse has ever been seen on the premises, something that is surely the result of her deterrence skills (and not the fact that this is a modern building with no easy way for mice to get in).


When she's not convincing mice to steer clear, her hobbies include pouncing practice with colorful fake mice, keeping the couch warm, and taking car rides over to enjoy play dates with her good friends Frisky and Ned.